Message from General Director

General Director : Mr.Kazuhisa Fukuo


TAZMO group is constantly working on technological innovation, seeking a point of contact between high technology and humanism. Underlying this is the challenge and imagination to build a prosperous and happy society. Utilizing the unique technology cultivated in the semiconductor and liquid crystalfields, We will continue to challenge the cutting edge required while sticking to “technology for people”.

Established in Ho Chi Minh City in 2008, expanded its business by constructing its own factory in Long An province in 2013. TAZMO VIETNAM is a company that designs and manufactures automation and labor-saving equipment and machine parts required in various fields, machine processing of aluminum, stainless steel, resin, etc. including semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts, sheet metal processing, can-making welding, surface treatment, etc. We also undertake the assembly work (OEM product production) of products that require precision according to the customer’s request. The company, which is constantly challenging new technologies, is attracting attention not only from Vietnam but also from neighboring countries in the ASEAN region. We will continue to work on technological innovation and aim to build a prosperous society.